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First Foray into the land of Sculpey!
March 22, 2012, 8:07 pm
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I got a 20% off coupon for Michaels today… so I decided to go and spend a little bit of money on some Sculpey, because I have been seeing a lot of Sculpey craft over on Marie, Oh Marie (one of my favorite wordpress blogs). She has been doing Sculpey craft this week, and I have a feeling that I will be following suit. I bought black, plum, and silver Sculpey.

I have one problem with it, so far. My hands are pretty weak.This is only ever a problem when I come across one of those carnival “test your strength” games where you squeeze the handle and it tells you you’re a wimp… and when I have to soften clay with the heat of my hands. Squeezing clay doesn’t sound like it would hurt, but I think I have damaged my hands with all of this crocheting I’ve been doing… or I’m just weak.

My first attempt at a few different sculpey items are as follows:


This was the first cuff bracelet I made. Now, it turned out pretty good until I put it on and took it off a few times. I was going to model it but none of the pictures came out even remotely usable. The bracelet broke on the silver side because it was too thin where the silver went under the black… so I don’t have a bracelet to show for my first efforts. At least not a knotted bracelet. I made another braided one, using one of Marie, Oh Marie’s tutorial for a braided bracelet.


Here you can see the button I made, fingerprint jewelry with a crocheted chain, and the braided bangle bracelet I made as well.

I made a button, and a piece of fingerprint jewelry that I’m sending to my mother, not as a mother’s day gift, but just because. We celebrate mother’s day in September. (I work in a restaurant whose biggest holiday is mother’s day.. so I will never have that day off. Plus, One year I just kept forgetting to send her present… and it finally made it there somehow… in September).

I have a ring in the oven as we speak. I mixed some plum and black to make a deep purple, and then I twisted a silver snake around it. Hope it turns out okay. I have my fingers crossed!

I absolutely adore Sculpey! I have a feeling this will turn into a new crafting obsession.