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Shoulder Shrug and More Amigurumi
March 21, 2012, 9:38 pm
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I finished a few projects recently. My mother’s purse was one of them, and now I’ve finished more presents for people. Everyone is so patient when they know I’m making them something. I really love that they don’t seem to complain much even though it takes me ages. I wish that I had the same kind of patience. I think it’s a family trait … the impatience. My mother doesn’t have much of it either (although, she does have more than I do).

My two projects were an Amigurumi Master Shake, using this pattern, on one of my favorite blogs: nerdigurumi . It’s a great pattern… and after I remembered how to crochet in the round (I do it often… I just forgot how to join and still have the right amount of stitches. I had to pull out a whole 6 rows of stitching, before I figured out how to do it correctly). I love all of the tutorials on this blog, and the patterns are just nerdy enough for my liking.

Mine turned out pretty well. I didn’t take many pictures of it, but here are two:


Just before I made the eyes.


all sewn up~!

I really like how he turned out. I would have liked him more if I used cotton yarn (which is really good to use in amigurumi because it holds shape better, and doesn’t stretch as much as synthetic yarns). I needed to use up some scraps though… I had the end of a red heard white skein to use and the arms are also scraps.

Other than that, I had a little shoulder shrug that I made for S. She asked me for it months ago. She even bought the yarn (simply soft from Caron. It was a pinkish). Sadly, I got side tracked with all of the presents other people wanted from me. Finally I decided to just make S’s shrug. Couldn’t take that long, right? Right. It took me a few hours of concentrated effort, and only one skein of yarn!

Plus it turned out really cute.






stitches close up.

The edging is done in star stitches, and the middle bit is just HDC. It needed to be breathable, but not too seethrough, because it’s for work. She got compliments on it, today! I might put the pattern up in my Etsy shop, once I get it written. It’s a very simple, but stylish design!

If enough people want the pattern, I may make another version of it that will be free.

Happy Crafting!

Up next: What to do with all these scraps?!


Tutorial — Canvas Wall Art
March 4, 2012, 10:34 pm
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I have seen this all over the internet recently, so I decided to give it a go myself. It’s just a piece of canvas with some fabric over it, and the word “Inspire” spray painted onto it. It makes the perfect addition to my craft area, reminding me that inspiration can be found everywhere.


Here are the necessary elements for this project.


From left to right:

  • A bit of leftover fabric (I got mine from the clearance bin at  Hobby Lobby. You can use a Fat Quarter if you want. Just make sure the fabric is large enough to wrap it around to the backside of the canvas. )
  • A Canvas. (any size will do. Mine was a mere $5, and it was 7 X 14 inches.)
  • A rotary cutter/mat and (not shown) scissors.
  • Mod Podge and (not pictured) a paint brush. (I used one that I cleaned from a paint sample jar.)
  • an iron.
  • (Not pictured) Masking tape or Painter’s tape
  • (Not pictured) Spray Paint.

It also helps if you have a printer, and an exacto knife.

And so we begin~

Step 1:  Iron and cut the fabric. Make sure your fabric is bigger than your actual canvas. I just added an inch and a half to each side of the canvas’ length. So my piece of fabric was 8.5 X 15.5. Make sure you iron the fabric as well as you can. Any wrinkles will be more apparent after you add the mod podge unless you can manage to get them out with the glue.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to your canvas. Center your fabric and stick it down.

Step 3: Apply another coat of Mod Podge to the top of the fabric! Don’t worry, it will dry clear. That’s the beauty of Mod Podge.


(My bracelet is actually my dogs first collar. Yeah, I’m sentimental, too).

Step 4: Wait for the mod podge to dry. Make sure there aren’t any extra blobs of mod podge on the top of your canvas, as these won’t dry clear, and they’ll make it hard to do the next step. Make sure the top is completely dry before moving on (It took about 30 minutes which I occupied by staring at Pinterest).

Step 5: Turn the canvas away from you once it has dried completely. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the side of the canvas, and press it down.Apply some to the back of the canvas and then over the fabric to make sure it sticks to the back. This is so that none of the frayed edges of the fabric are showing.


Wait for this side to dry, then repeat for each side. You can cut triangles from the corners to reduce bulk when putting the corners down. I wasn’t smart enough to do that, so I ended up with slightly bulky corners…but I almost like the look of it.



Step 6: Admire your handy work!


Step 7: While the last side is drying, you can go ahead and figure out what you’re going to put onto your canvas. Here’s a PDF of the word I used. It should print out sideways. Next: use your Xacto knife or a pair of scissors to cut out the letters. Doing it with scissors is tedious… plus you bend up the parts of the paper…so you have to tape them down later.


Step 8: Attach the paper to the canvas. This took lots of masking tape and several sheets of paper to cover the whole thing. You’re basically creating a stencil to spray paint. I assume you can also use acrylic paints… I should try that next time :D (I still have one canvas left because they came in a set of two! Wooot! )


Caesar (the dog) is really interested in the paper covered canvas. I recommend using spray pain in a well-ventilated area (heck the whole project could be done there…cause Mod Podge is kinda smelly). Now it’s covered, and the little bits of paper that were upturned are taped to the canvas, and this bad boy is ready to be spray painted.

I covered my spray paint chair! with saran wrap… cause I don’t like getting spray paint on everything.


Step 9: Spray to your heart’s content!


Step 10: Once it’s dry, unwrap and enjoy. If you want to purchase this bit of wall art, it is listed in my etsy shop.

I am happy with how mine turned out, and I’d love to see pictures of yours, or just to hear how you used this tutorial! Happy crafting!