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A Late Thankful Post.
November 24, 2012, 9:09 pm
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I have not been as good at updating this as I would like to eventually become. Sometimes I get bogged down in the day-to-day life and the various writing projects I have going on that I feel creatively drained. I don’t want to sit down and write a blog post after all of that, but I figured on a day where I got nothing creative accomplished, I could possibly get something up on my blog – which brings me to my topic. Today, I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for, in the spirit of the holidays.

1. I’m thankful I do not work in retail. Black Friday doesn’t seem to matter to restaurants. It was slow on Friday at work, and for that I’m terribly thankful. I don’t know if I could ever work in retail.
2. I’m thankful for my dogs, Sarah, my mother, K-chan, and Tempy who have helped me keep my sanity these last few months. I don’t know what I would do without their help. Just listening to my ramblings keeps the monsters in my mind at bay.
3. I’m thankful that I live in a free country. I’m thankful that I have the rights to study whatever I want, the rights to think freely and express my opinions. I’m thankful I was born here instead of somewhere else – even if sometimes I think it might have been more amazing if I was born in the UK.
4. Last, but certainly not least, I’m thankful for the creativity that seems to come naturally to me. Every craft I have applied myself to in the last two years or so have all come easily. I still get frustrated with things that don’t turn out right, and I don’t have the patience that I wish I could magically gain, but I seem to have luck with my crafting.

Those are the things I’m thankful for this holiday season, and I’m glad I can share them with you.

Back to crafting my surprise holiday décor. Many of my close friends (and facebook stalkers >>) already know what my theme is this year, but I will be posting a quick look at my ornaments. I may even make a video-tutorial for them, if I can find the time!

Happy crafting. :)


Another long absence
October 25, 2012, 1:34 pm
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I don’t mean to stay away for long between my posts on this blog. I tend to get caught up in writing, or in crafting, and forget to take pictures, or when I do, they’re not really blog-worthy stories. In general, I feel like my life is rather boring. I watch Edwardian television shows, I watch Star Trek, I make half-finished knitting projects which never go anywhere, and I make beaded jewelry.

I’ve finally got some new things listed in my etsy shop, but other than that I’ve had a very “SSDD” couple of months. I go to work, I come home and play with my dog, I knit and play with wire, and then I go to bed.Lather, rinse, repeat.

What I have learned to do in the last few months is make wire and beaded jewelry. Here is a picdump of what I’ve made so far!

(Image credit to Chelsea! <3)

Birthday woes
June 21, 2012, 2:20 am
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Happy birthday today to me. :) not to say im full of myself or anything but this day 21 years ago i was born, and that day was full of win.

No, but really this birthday is awesome so far. Kicked it off with some knitting (results to be shared…ohyeshulkgloves) and brownies, mixed with Star Trek:  DS9.

Tomorrow will have shopping, cookie cakes and picnic…

Cant wait to share pics!

June 10, 2012, 7:30 pm
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After my all together unsucessful day off yesterday, I decided that even though I worked all day, I needed some sort of craft in my day. I didn’t want to knit because I had spent so much time doing that yesterday. I swear I must have done about 45 rows of a pair of gloves. I am tired of needlework for the day.

So I decided to put together a little art project for the fun of it. I’ve had an extra canvas sitting around the house and I bought these really cute shells at Michael’s the other day… as well as a wooden “Ahoy!” carving.. It all came together to produce my newest wall-hanging.

It’s very summery, and it makes me want to go swimming. Guess I’ll do that Tuesday!

Here is a picture of the canvas without the shells on!

The Hulk Amigurumi
June 8, 2012, 2:30 pm
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I am a huge fan of comic books, I always have been. I will admit that I liked DC more than Marvel before the recent rash of Marvel movies came out. I adore Robert Downey Jr. and for me, it started this fangirling that I haven’t been able to stop. With the recent release of the Avengers movie, I’ve been wanting to start making patterns out of the marvel heroes. I started with my favorite of the people in Avengers — The Hulk!

This pattern can be found on my Ravelry, but you can also view it here.


The Hulk Amigurumi

Materials needed:

U.S. G (4.25MM crochet hook)

Approximately 90yds of worsted weight yarn in green,

Approximately 10yds of scrap purple worsted weight yarn

pipe cleaner.

A small amount of poly-fill


sc: single crochet

sc2tog: single crochet two together (insert hook, pull up a loop, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, draw through all three loops on hook)

sl st: slip stitch

Notes!: This pattern was inspired by the Princess Poppy doll pattern, but came from my love of the Hulk.

This crochet pattern is worked in continuous rounds, there are no joins or chains after each round, to minimize the seams. It is worked in seven pieces and sewn together.

This pattern is for personal use, if you want to sell what you have made using it, please contact me first.

The Pattern!:

The head:

Sc 8 in a magic loop.

Rnd 1: 2 SC in each stitch around

Rnd 2: *2 sc in first stitch, 1 sc in each of the next two, repeat from * around

Rnds 3-10: 1 sc in each stitch around

Rnd 11: *sc2tog, sc in next 2 stitches, repeat from * around

Stuff head

Rnd 12: *sc2tog, sc in next stitch, repeat from * around

Rnd 13: sc2tog around, bind off, leaving a long tail for sewing onto the body.

Legs: (make two)

Ch 15, join with a sl st to make a ring.

Sc in each around for 10 rnds.

Rnd 11: sc2tog, sc in the next three stitches.

Rnd 12: sc2tog, sc in the next stitch

Rnd 13: sc2tog around

Arms: (make two)

Ch 15, join with a sl st to make a ring.

Sc in each around for 15 rnds.

Rnd 16: sc2tog, sc in the next three stitches.

Rnd 17: sc2tog, sc in the next stitch

Rnd 18: sc2tog around


Ch 16.

Row 1: sc in second stitch from hook and each st across, pop over into the other side of the chain and sc in each stitch on this side of the chain. There is a good tutorial for working both sides of the chain in amigurumi.
Rows 2-18: Sc in each stitch around.

Stuff the body + legs, and then sew them to one another. Don’t worry about the seam, we’re going to cover that up with the shorts.

Finishing the body:

If you want his arms to be posible, add a piece of a pipe cleaner into his arm when you stuff them. Sew these to the sides of your body piece, and then sew the head onto the top of the body.

For his eyes:

I used a very small piece of pipe cleaner bent into a U shape and inserted it over a crochet stitch at an angle to create his eyebrows. For the eyes, I took a piece of scrap black yarn and made a french embroidery knot just underneath the eyebrows. I didn’t make a mouth, but you can, if you want to.

Crocheting the shorts:

Legs: (make two)

Complete the first 5 rows of the leg pattern

Bind off the leg after the first 5 rows of sc.

Attach the yarn to the beginning of the leg and crochet a single row of SC around to hide any weird jogs you might have at the bottom. This step is important if you want it to look uniform all the way down the leg.

This part gets a little messy with crochet stitches. Attach the yarn to one of the tops of the legs, chain 1 and join with slip stitch to any sc on first leg. *Slip stitch in next sc around on sameleg, chain 1, then slip stitch to next sc on oppositeleg*, rep 3 times. (This is the same method used here in the legs +body section)

Begin single crocheting around the outside of the legs in a continuous spiral to create the top of the shorts until you have six rows around. Bind off, and leave a long tail for sewing.

Put the shorts onto the body and sew them on, to keep them from falling off.

Weave in ends, and enjoy!

Organizing the yarn stash
May 30, 2012, 1:56 pm
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I’ve got so much yarn… I don’t know what to do with it all. Since I started crocheting I’ve been storing the yarn. I didn’t have a system of organization though. I had 4 bins that yarn just sort of sat in. And now there is a method to all this madness. I have sorted through and put together yarns of the same brand/style. I have too much Red Heart yarn that I’m never going to use for anything serious. Maybe for gifts for other people, but I don’t like the feel of it on my own skin.

My favorite yarn that I have is from Caron. It’s a bamboo yarn that’s a dusty rose shade of pink. It’s wonderful.


I feel so much better now that all my yarn is organized. At some point I’ll make a list of the things I’m making at the moment, but the list is so large, I have no way of knowing where to start. The only yarns that I have that aren’t included here are for a large plush lion that I am making for S for her birthday. I forgot to include these because they’re in their own container. Plus what’s 6 more skeins anyway?

Inspirational Monday

Free inspirational patterns from

I’m a nerd at heart. I adore everything that has to do with science fiction, fantasy, and space. I am making it a goal to incorporate that into my knitting and crocheting — as you can see by my mother’s purse and master shake plush.

I often search the tag “Nerd” or “Sci-fi” or anything relating to a specific show, movie, or book when looking for patterns to save and try on Ravelry. If you are a fiber artist and don’t have an account on ravelry, I definitely recommend it. I have found some amazing patterns, and a lot of them are available for free.

Here is a list of what I’ve found in the last week on Ravelry! I think all of these are going to be knitting patterns, but I will post some good crochet patterns here later. The best news about this post, is that all of the ones I’m sharing are free patterns! You just need a ravelry account for downloads. Click on the picture to go to the pattern on Ravelry.

R2D2 child’s Beanie

Doctor Who Tardis iPod cozy

Batman Logo chart

Star Trek Potholders(Cant wait to make myself some of these….)

Marvin the Paranoid Android

Cunning Jayne hat

Live Long and Keep Warm

If you’re looking for nerdy patterns for a friend, or for yourself, there are definitely a wealth of them everywhere you look. You just have to know what to search for.